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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program

Oregon State School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

The mechanical engineering (ME) profession is dedicated to applying principles of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics in the analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical components, devices, and systems.  Oregon State's graduate program in ME is designed to educate leaders who will develop and improve systems for transforming energy, health, materials, and information to meet the needs of society. 

The School of MIME offers ME program tracks leading to MEng, MS, and PhD degrees with the following areas of specialization:

  • Design – Designing products and systems associated with complex systems such as power plants, manufacturing machines, transport vehicles, robots, space stations, recycling, military hardware, prosthetic devices, and recreational equipment.
  • Materials – Fabricating and predicting the behavior of new materials, and controlling their structure and properties over length-scales spanning from meters down to the atomistic.
  • Mechanics – Devising new techniques for stress analysis and imaging, computational solid mechanics, composites modeling and manufacturing, and biomechanics.
  • Robotics and Control – Developing mechanisms that operate autonomously in unstructured environments and new approaches to path planning, multi-robot coordination,human-robot interaction, and manipulation. 
  • Thermal–Fluid Sciences – Developing advanced energy systems, high power thermal management, and microscale fluidic and heat transfer systems; and studying fluid flow and heat transfer including fundamentals of multiphase flows and low-speed aerodynamics.

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