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Oregon State University's

Pacific Northwest Wind Data Base

The ERRL maintains a large data base of wind data for the Pacific Northwest.  This web page provides for each state a map showing wind site locations and a table that provides more specific detail on the data available.

State Site Summaries

·  Oregon Site Map

·  Oregon Data Table

·  Washington Site Map

·  Washington Data Table

·  Idaho Site Map

·  Idaho Data Table

·  Montana Site Map

·  Montana Data Table

·  California Site Map

·  California Data Table

·  Nevada Site Map

·  Nevada Data Table

Oregon Climate Service This site maintains links to the National Climatic Data Center, Western Regional Climate Center, National Weather Service, National Resources Conservation Service for up to date forecasts and historical data.

Western Regional Climate Center Links

RAWS data for the western United States

Local Climate Data Summaries for the western United States

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