OSU Wind Research Cooperative


The WRC ceased operation at the end of 2002.  The WRC produced project reports during its period of operation from 1991 to 2002. These are listed below. Please click upon the WRC Report No. to see a project abstract.


OSU  Energy Resources Research Laboratory
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Rogers Hall 204
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-6001



"An Assessment of the RAWS Data Network for Use in Wind Energy Applications," WRC Report No. 92-01, April 1992.

"Program Outline for Refinement of Estimated Pacific Northwest Wind Resources,"  WRC Report No. 92-02, June 1992.

"Pacific Northwest Wind/Energy Variability," WRC Report No. 92-03, June 1992.

"The Use of Upper Level Wind Records in Wind Energy Studies, "WRC Report 93-01, June 1993.

"Year-to-Year Variations of Wind Speed and Wind Turbine Output for Sites in the Pacific Northwest," WRC Report 93-02, June 1993.

"Identification of Long Term Monitoring Sites from the RAWS Data Network," WRC Report 93-03, June 1993.

"Development of a Synoptic Weather Pattern Climatology of the Pacific Northwest," WRC Report 93-04, October 1993.

"The Influence of Synoptic Circulation Patterns on Surface Wind Characteristics," WRC Report 93-05, October 1993.

"An Overview of Wind / Energy Forecasting," WRC Report 94-01, April 1994.

"Identification of the Circulation Patterns Associated with Extreme Winds,"  WRC Report 94-02, July 1994.

 "Annual Wind Data Summary for the 1993 RAWS Data Network," WRC Report 94-03, July 1994.

"Sub-Hourly Wind Data Assessment - Juniper Point, Washington," WRC Report 95-01, March 15, 1995.

"Individual Site Evaluation of Model Output Statistics (MOS) Wind Forecasts,"  WRC Report 95-02, March 25, 1995.

"Evaluation of an Integrated Network for Use in Wind/Energy Forecasting,"   WRC Report 95-03, May 25, 1995.

"Wind Variability and the Role of Geographic Diversity," WRC Report 95-04,  July 5, 1995.

"Sub-Hourly Wind Data Assessment - Juniper Point, Washington - March 1995," WRC Report 96-01, Sept. 15, 1995.

"Sub-Hourly Wind Data Assessment - Juniper Point, Washington - July 1995," WRC Report96-02, Dec. 15, 1995.

"Climatic Influence on Energy Demand and Supply of Renewable Energy Sources," WRC Report 96-03, June 30, 1996.

"Mesoscale Modeling Review and Implications to Forecasting," WRC Report 96-04, June 30, 1996.

"Preliminary Evaluation of the Use of a Mesoscale Model for Wind Energy Forecasting,"  WRC Report 97-01, July 15, 1997.

"Site Wind Forecasts from a Regional Weather Prediction Model," WRC Report 98-01, September 30, 1998.

"Site Wind Forecasts from an Operational Numerical Weather Prediction Model,"  WRC Report 99-01. July 30, 1999

"Site Wind Forecasting using a Regional Weather Prediction Model," WRC Report 2000-01, August 17, 2000.

“Wind Forecasting for Wind Facilities in the Pacific Northwest,” WRC Report 2002-01, (Abstract not available), September 17, 2002.